Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Newest Find!

Actually, it's not that new. I bought it at a garage sale about 3 weeks ago and am now just getting around to do something with it. It is an older buffet with drawers (I took them out to they're not in the picture) but the piece is missing the cupboard doors on the side. I thought filling the space with a nice rustic basket on either side would be quite charming and add a little informality to an otherwise formal piece. Now, the big question...where to put it? This is the dilemma of every hoarder, looter and collector of all useless things.... Where do you put it? More specifically, where do you put it so your mate won't stumble upon it and go. "Ah, not another find". I'm thinking the front hallway will be the perfect place....he hardly walks through there...ah, perfecto!

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