Monday, August 18, 2008

Engagement Picnic Basket

This weekend I was invited to dinner for my birthday (happy birthday me!) and to celebrate the engagement of our friends Matt and Meg. In a pinch I decided I would put together a little basket to bring as an engagement gift. Simply, I had a basket in my kitchen and I lined it with a vintage apron I had found at a flea market the weekend before. I wrapped up some different chutneys and jams that I had...I usually pick up these up at different specialty shops when I travel and keep them on hand for such occasions. I also added some baked goods and some fresh veggies in my garden...Oh, and two bottles of old-fashioned lemonade and a bag of kettle-cooked chips... (got those down the road at the general store). I attached a cute tag that said "Married life isn't always a picnic...but worth a few bees in your basket!) Voila! A lovely gift with found objects, garden veggies and general store goodies....not too bad I think, not too bad!

1 comment:

Meg said...

Not too bad at all!! :) We loved our little basket was pretty to look at and even better to eat (the contents, not the basket itself) :)