Friday, February 26, 2010

The Wind of Change is Blowing

I am so excited! In conjunction with The Chatham Daily Post, as their new food columnist, I will be adding new content to the Treats In Type blog. Treats In Type will take you on a food journey through the many regions of Ontario, including Chatham-Kent. The blog will be full of recipes from Ontario chefs, wonderful photos, information regarding local markets, profiles on artisan producers and gastronomic adventures through charming villages and farms were our province's culinary traditions have grown. I hope you will continue to read the exciting new blog, and better yet, share it with your friends and family.



Anonymous said...

How exciting to have you join the team! Will you be reviewing any local eateries for your column?

Pauline Goodal said...

Hey Jen,

I am so excited to join the CK Post columnists! I will be reviewing local eateries as well as growers and producers in the local area. The blog will extend the borders to all of Ontario as well.