Thursday, February 5, 2009

Organizing Your Creative Space

I am currently writing today's post, after a one month hiatus, from my small dark office space at my shop. As the fog lifts from the holiday season it usually reveals a clump of clutter that appears to be amassed by little deviant, pranking trolls that seemed to go unnoticed on my payroll. You see, they scamper around at night making little piles of junk in all the little corners of my little office space and then before you know it, I can barely enter unscathed by falling towers of tupperware dishes and large leaning pillars of trade journals. So, for anyone else out there who also has a disturbing infestation of these covert, trash-wielding trolls, I have put together an easy 3-step process to help conquer the clutter and also some inspiration photos to keep you motivated. I will post some before and after pictures of my office space, when I complete the after!

Step 1: Trolls hide in trash and piles of junk. So to completely eradicate them you must go through all your piles and neatly organize everything into easy to access storage. These little creepers love packed closets and drawers so make sure you eliminate any excess.

Step 2: Trolls are ugly and therefore love ugly spaces. Pick out a paint colour and get decorating. Make a beautiful space that you will love and trolls will hate.

Step 3: Trolls only work when you get lazy. So to keep these little devils in the bread lines, tackle one easy 15 minute project every night to stay on top of the clutter.


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Anonymous said...

I love Heather Bailey's studio. It's so full of light. Everything about that woman is wonderful!